About Us

We believe that healthcare is a human right and
high insulin prices are an unnecessary and
restrictive burden on patients.

We are here to help people who are struggling to pay for insulin
by creating and selling affordable insulin.

Our Team

Eric Moyal, Founder and Executive Director

Before founding Project Insulin, Eric Moyal was a fundraiser at Brandeis University and helped coordinate the 2020 & 2021 Giving Tuesday Campaigns that raised over $2,000,000. Eric is on the Board of Directors and chair of the communications committee at Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association. He has spent the past three years raising money and awareness for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and gave a TEDx talk in 2020 about how to be a better ally to people with chronic illnesses.

Gabriella Fleischman,
Board Member

Gabriella Fleischman is a Ph.D. student in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School. Gabriella was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at fourteen years old. In 2020, she started a blog about living with chronic health conditions with her sister, who also has type 1 diabetes. Her research is at the intersection of health and development economics, with a focus on equity and health behavior.

Project Insulin

1770 Massachusetts Avenue #215
Cambridge, MA 02140.