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Project Insulin is a non-profit whose mission is to ensure everyone has access to affordable insulin. 

Project Insulin is creating its own biosimilar (generic) insulin glargine. We will distribute our insulin directly to patients at cost through our mail-order pharmacy.

Insulin Fast Facts

Essential Facts About Insulin In The United States


Only 3 manufacturers account for 90% of the insulin market.

Real Impact

8 million people in the U.S. rely on insulin - 1 out of 5 are forced to ration their insulin.

Rising Costs

The United States spends $14 billion annually on insulin.

Our Solution

Project Insulin's approach to addressing the insulin affordability crisis.

We are raising $400,000 to begin the manufacturing of our biosimilar insulin. 

Project Insulin will create, manufacture and distribute the biosimilar insulin. In doing so, we will cut out multiple middle organizations that add to the final cost per vial, and put those savings back into patients’ pockets!

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